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The Only Gated Community On The Whole Park


About Us

Situated on Tattershall Lakes Country Park, our luxury static caravan is a stone's throw away from some of the amazing leisure facilities here. With the opportunity to enjoy all of these facilities with a specially sourced entertainment pass when booking directly through us.

Tattershall Lakes Country Park is an extremely popular destination with 95% of the park suffering from high traffic volumes. Our caravan is proudly situated in the remaining 5%, as a part of the only gated community on the whole park. Traffic levels are significantly decreased in our caravans community.

Your kids will be safe to roam around our closed-off community without the fear of traffic. The best community on the park for your kids to bring their bikes and scooters, and simply enjoy the outdoor lifestyle.

Tattershall Country Park, an action-packed lakeside resort situated in the heart of Lincolnshire countryside. Focusing highly upon water sport activities, Tattershall Country Park has something to offer for everyone. From the swimmers that are like fish in the water, right to those who are just looking forward to a drink whilst overlooking the lakes!


Offering our guests the chance to experience some of their amazing on-site leisure activities. By booking directly with ourselves, we're able to purchase entertainment passes to enjoy all of their facilities at a reduced cost.

Tattershall Lakes Country Park